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"Though we may not be seen in the dark, it is in the night where we will see who we really are"

I have always had a love of the night, enjoying how it distorts and changes the perceptions of our daylight experiences.

When darkness descends, shadows become elongated, facades darken, and glass glitters in the moonlight. There is a certain magic that only comes with nightfall. 

It is these altered perceptions that are at the heart of the Pugin After Dark project. Not only is it about revealing a different side to his magnificent buildings, but it’s also about discovering and celebrating his work in new and alternative ways.


"Pugin After Dark is a project in which anyone can get involved, whether you are a writer, artist, photographer, musician, historian or  even just someone that simply appreciates the beauty of his work"

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The project aims to celebrate the life and work of AWN Pugin in as many imaginative and inspiring ways as possible and we would love you to be a part of it. With some exciting plans already in the pipeline, there is plenty for you to get involved with, so please contact us for further details or to join the project.

Louie Young

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